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Boss Strike 12
July 25, 2014

Warlord Gantas challenges you to a fight! Unlike previous BSes this is not a war, but a competition. And as every competition, it has rules. No tanks, no vehicles, no heavy planes, no metal. Medieval style (or they may think so until they see your plasma troopers).

What? Your infantry units are not ranked yet? Then it is time to hire some champs to do fighting for you. Someone like Jedrek the Crusher

6th Invasion Event
July 10, 2014

New Invasion event will include both Rebels and Silver Wolves. The formations are just slightly different from previous invasions.

Ancient Sentry is offered as limited time unit for this event. Decent armor, immunities to nearly all status effects, and good accuracy (offense) look promising. But average HP and questionable damage output do not. It's good we get to try this in promo missions. As always, this is preliminary info and the stats can be updated by z2 before and even after release as it happened with Legendary Raptor.

Game update
July 8, 2014

Good news! Ancient Sentinel respawn rate for level 70 players was brought back to 3-8 days! Maybe one day I'll finally get an AS frag!

Site updates
July 8, 2014

The long-awaited search is now available on bnoutpost! Type in some part of the name of what you are looking for and see if bnoutpost has anything to offer.

Offense (accuracy) and crit chance are now displayed for each unit's attack by rank.

Site updates
July 3, 2014

World Bosses are now displayed separately from Invasions. World Bosses got additional details, including spawn rate and rewards, so there is no need to check separate section for world boss rewards now.

Weighted damage modifiers are now displayed for each unit. This is not new kind of resistance, just a way to display HP and Armor resistances as a whole.

Effective status effects are now displayed in addition to status effect immunities. Should be easier to see whether you can freeze, stun, or set something on fire.

... and the new limited time mission that I mentioned before is probably coming soon. 5.75 days and over 4 million gold, unless this is changed before release. I only hope we get at least a week to complete this.

Battle Nations 4.0
June 26, 2014

The update is out and it is time to see what news it brings, right? Here we go...

Obviously, there are New Units, New Structures, New Missions, New World Bosses and rewards for killing them. 4% chance for the new Phalanx Tank and 6% chance for the new Spiderwasp Egg. Not bad, but could be better. Saying this as a player that killed AS for somewhere between 50 and 100 times and got not a single frag...

Spiderwasp Queen battle will be limited to ground troops. No tanks, vehicles, or air units will be allowed. And the best damage type against it is Crushing. I should have purchased those Mech Troopers when I could... This also can make the new Legendary Raptor a must-have unit for some of the players.

Some of the new areas will be expremely hot and will damage your armies with fire, similar to cold damage in eastern waste. Not sure if this would only be in mission-related battles or in some of the boss battles too.

Legendary Raptor stats were updated. Its armor got resistance against explosives and some other resistances were improved.

It looks like laurels, widgets, necklaces, and powder can now be purchased for nanopods, 50 nano a piece. I suppose, the purchase will be offered when you try to do something that requires these resources and you don't have enough of them. Have not checked this though...

3 ignorable objects (walls and turrets) are now allowed to be present in battle.

New limited time mission will be available later with 50 nano reward. No surprise here.