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Battle Nations 4.5
November 13, 2014

Battle Nations 4.5 is out, bringing us naval units, some new buildings, including new decorations with nice XP and gold bonuses. And most importantly, this update brings storyline extension!

Now to some technical details... New damage types: DepthCharge and Torpedo. These are used by some of the new naval units. New status effect: Breach. It is a damage-over-time effect with Torpedo damage type.

Boss Strike 15
October 30, 2014

Zombies or Infected... Call them what you want, they do not care. They only care about consuming the flesh of your citizens! Boss Strike 15 details are now available. 10 player units allowed on the field. Plague environmental effect with 2/6/14/25 Fire damage per turn depending on player level. One battle is a challenge battle with 5 waves and increased boss points. Apex Mauler, which is a tier 10+ reward is not too much different from the standard version.
(A hint to z2: tier 4 reward was supposed to be 30 gear-s...)

What can be better than hunting zombies? Slaying them! And here's the Zombie Slayer that can help you with that. This unit looks ok against zombies, but not great for other purposes.

Other news is that z2 now give 5 nanopods per level-up instead of just 1. Good news for those below max level!

Zombie Invasion and New Infected Unit: Mauler
October 9, 2014

Zombie Invasion details are now available. This time the formations are not fixed, some of the enemy units are placed randomly. Players are only allowed to field 6 units plus 1 defense, which can prove to be a challenge for some players. And yes, these zombies do drop black nanopods!

It looks the only change to zombie transformations is the addition of Bigfoot that can be transformed into Specimen i01 "Mauler" with a 85% chance. The other 15% are transformed into good old Specimen e01 "Colossus".

The Mauler would be a decent unit if not for its Fire vulnerability and overall low damage resistance. Combined with teeth requirement for healing, I think it will take this unit off the preferred unit list for BS or any other serious battles.

Boss Strike 14
September 25, 2014

Boss Strike 14 details are now available. One battle is a challenge battle with 5 waves, but it looks z2 have forgotten to add extra boss points to that one...

As expected, Raider Summoner is the promo unit with stats slightly different from the preview version. RS-B17 Shadow Hornet is confirmed as T10+ reward. To be honest, neither of these new units look very impressive. But maybe they will find their roles for some players.

Do words drydock, battleship, destroyer, gunboat, and submarine mean anything to you? Yeah, navy! Do not know when, but they are coming "soon"!

Battle Nations 4.1
September 20, 2014

The new update brought us some new units.

Looks like BS14 will be the return of Yuzul the Raptor Trainer with his raiders and animals. Raider Summoner looks like the promo unit for BS14 and RS-B17 Shadow Hornet will probably be the T10+ reward. The stats (and images) on both units are probably not final, let's just wait until the BS is announced.