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Boss Strike 14
September 25, 2014

Boss Strike 14 details are now available. One battle is a challenge battle with 5 waves, but it looks z2 have forgotten to add extra boss points to that one...

As expected, Raider Summoner is the promo unit with stats slightly different from the preview version. RS-B17 Shadow Hornet is confirmed as T10+ reward. To be honest, neither of these new units look very impressive. But maybe they will find their roles for some players.

Do words drydock, battleship, destroyer, gunboat, and submarine mean anything to you? Yeah, navy! Do not know when, but they are coming "soon"!

Battle Nations 4.1
September 20, 2014

The new update brought us some new units.

Looks like BS14 will be the return of Yuzul the Raptor Trainer with his raiders and animals. Raider Summoner looks like the promo unit for BS14 and RS-B17 Shadow Hornet will probably be the T10+ reward. The stats (and images) on both units are probably not final, let's just wait until the BS is announced.

Invasion 8
September 10, 2014

Invasion 8 encounters are now available.

The Forum now has a password reset feature.

Boss Strike 13
August 28, 2014

Boss Strike 13 details are now available. 11 player units can be placed on the field. 1 battle out of 12 is a Challenge Battle, featuring 5 waves instead of 4 and giving around 50% more Boss Points if completed. Looks like a good offer.

Nomad Elemental Rover is the limited time offer unit for this Boss Strike. Immune to almost all status effects, good damage resistances, average HP, last attack with decent damage and situational second attack. Maybe not great, but not completely useless, at least for some players.

New status effect added: Breach. Not available on any units yet, I think it will be used in naval battles.

New details available on encounter pages
August 26, 2014

So my yesterday's guess about environmental damage was confirmed by Z2...

In preparation for BS13, new details have been added to encounter pages: number of available unit slots and environmental effects. You can see a preview on Spiderwasp Queen page.

One guess about changes in BS 13
August 25, 2014

Back from my leave and it looks just in time for BS 13.

One guess that I have about BS 13 is that it may introduce environmental damage effects similar to Eastern Wastes and Spiderwasp Queen battle. If this proves to be true, we can expect 2-3 / 5 / 12 / 24 fire damage per turn depending on player level. Please remember this is just a guess...

Battle Nations 4.0.1
August 8, 2014

It is strange, but so far it looks like update 4.0.1 did not bring any changes, only bug fixes. So there is nothing to tell you about.

Other news is that I will be away next couple of weeks and there will be no site updates even in case of Boss Strike or other game events.

Boss Strike 12
July 25, 2014

Warlord Gantas challenges you to a fight! Unlike previous BSes this is not a war, but a competition. And as every competition, it has rules. No tanks, no vehicles, no heavy planes, no metal. Medieval style (or they may think so until they see your plasma troopers).

What? Your infantry units are not ranked yet? Then it is time to hire some champs to do fighting for you. Someone like Jedrek the Crusher